Summer Fixtures 2018

DateDayEventLocationTypeAge GroupTeam Manager
April 1, 2018Sunday Massey 10kWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
April 21, 2018Saturday YDL - Lower Leicester Track U13/U15tbc
April 22, 2018Sunday Monty 5kLeamington TrackWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
April 27, 2018FridaySuper 4SolihullTrack U11/U13/U15Jackie Maull
April 29, 2018Sunday YDL Upper Leicester Track U17/U20Katharine Stein
May 4, 2018FridayQuad Kids SolihullTrack U11/U13/U15Jackie Maull
May 6, 2018Senior LeagueLeamington TrackU17+ (senior)Shelley Went
May 5-7, 2018Sat-MonBUCS BedfordTrackUni students Student Unions
May 19, 2018Saturday YDL - Lower NuneatonTrack U13/U15tbc
May 20, 2018Sunday Loughborough International LoughboroughTrackU20 +Self entry
May 24, 2018ThursdayRyton 5KRyton PoolsWRRLU17+ (please check)Self Entry
May 26-27, 2018Sat, SunCombined event champs BedfordTrackU20/ Senior Self entry
May 27, 2018Sunday YDL Upper Coventry Track U17/U20Katharine Stein
June 2, 2018Senior LeagueGloucesterTrackU17+ (senior)Shelley Went
June 6, 2018Wednesday Sphinx 5mWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
June 8, 2018FridayQuad Kids Straford Track U11/U13/U15Jackie Maull
June 10, 2018Sunday Two Castles WarwickWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
June 16-17, 2018Sat, SunEngland champs BedfordTrackU20/ U23self entry
June 17, 2018Sunday YDL - Lower Banbury Track U13/U15tbc
June 17, 2018SundayArdenWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
June 22, 2018FridaySuper 4LeamingtonTrack U11/U13/U15Jackie Maull
July 1, 2018Sunday YDL Upper LeamingtonTrack U17/U20Katharine Stein
June 30 -July 1, 2018Sat, SunBritish Champs Birmingham TrackU20 +Invitation
July 6, 2018FridayQuad Kids Leamington Track U11/U13/U15Jackie Maull
July 7, 2018Senior LeagueTelfordTrackU17+ (senior)Shelley Went
July 8, 2018Sunday Northbrook 10kWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
July 13-14, 2018Sat, Sunenglish SchoolsBirmingham TrackYear 8 +Invitation
July 21, 2018Saturday Straford 6mWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
July 28-29, 2018Sat, SunUK CAU, AAA Champs ManchestertrackU20Invitation
August 5, 2018Sat, SunU17/U15 Combined EventsManchesterTrackU15/U17Self entry
August 5, 2018Senior LeagueCoventry TrackU17+ (senior)Shelley Went
August 8, 2018BRAT 5kWRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
August 15, 2018WedManchester InternationalManchesterTrackU20Invitation
August 17, 2018FridaySuper 4Straford Track U11/U13/U15Jackie Maull
August 25-26, 2018Sat, SunU17/U15 Age group ChampsBedfordTrackU15/U17Self entry
August 25-26, 2018Sat, SunBritish Champs - MastersBirmingham TrackMastersSelf entry
September 2, 2018Kenilworth half Kenilworth WRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
September 7, 2018Sunday Rugby 10m Rugby WRRLU17+ (please check)Self entry
September 15-16, 2018Sat, SunEnglish Schools CETBCTrackYear 7+Invitation



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