Senior Cross Country

Race 2

The first of December saw Leamington C&AC runners take on their second race of the cross country league season. The club sent 28 men to Warley Woods, Birmingham, to take part in the Birmingham league in what was a twisting course. Despite numbers growing in the club, the team were missing some of their faster runners and are dangerously close to the relegation zone after the second fixture. Paul Andrew was first home for the club in a respectable 52nd position, with Phil Gould managing to stay in double figures this time round finishing 81st. Greg West and Dominic Priest finished 102nd and 122nd respectively with Iain McLaughlin (124th) and Vassilis Andreoulakis (129th) making up the a team. Gavin Fowler (169th); Charlie Staveley (173rd); Jason Hill (182nd); Dean Mawby (185th); Jeremy Coward (197th) and Richard Merrell (206th) scored for the B team results putting them in 12th out of 13th.

Leamington C&AC ladies were closer to home at the Welcombe Hills outside Stratford-upon-Avon. A “proper cross country course” saw a 2 lap course with 3 steep climbs per lap and even the flat bits could be considered undulating. Kelly Edwards was on usual fine form, finishing 8th overall and taking first place for the masters team. Like their male counter-parts, they were missing a number of stronger runners but this did not seem to defeat the team with Jenny Jeeves coming in 31st position and also counting towards the masters points. Zara Blower, was third home for the club with Saffia Del Torre coming in final counter for the overall team prize and for the masters team which left the ladies 7th overall and maintaining first position in the masters league.

Primary School Cross Country League

Saturday saw the last race in the Mid Warwickshire Primary School Cross Country League. Year 6 pupils ran a two lap course of Priory Park, Warwick, which saw a tough climb each lap. Ila Lane of Leamington C&AC ran home in an easy victory, with Esme Du Bois, also of Leamington C&AC, in comfortable second. The two athletes have run consistently well throughout the league and won first and second place for their individual scores taken over all four races.

Club mate, James Gould, set out to maintain a second place standing in the overall results with everything to play for. The course was no match for Gould who ran a comfortable race finishing second to claim his prize, meaning that 3 of the 6 individual winners belonged to the Leamington based club. Also of LCAC, Isabella Goold and Finn Williams-Stein finished in the top 20 on the day in 6th and 9th place respectively with Chloe Lovett running a solid performance to finish in 26th place.

Ila and Esme

    James Gould

Winter Is Here

Midland Cross Country

The men and women of Leamington C&AC competed in different locations this weekend in the first of their cross country league races. The club saw a number of new recruits make their cross country debut boosting numbers for the local club. The men raced in Pittville Park, Cheltenham which saw them face 3 laps of the park including a stream crossing on each lap. 24 runners represented the club with 5 new recruits and Baljeev Kandola making his senior debut having come through the club’s youth training programme. Callum Hanlon put in a solid performance to finish in 28th position with Paul Andrew second home for the club in 68th. Greg West (who is now in his second senior year) with Kandola showed that youth was on the club’s side, the young adults finishing in 71st and 99th overall. Phil Gould had to settle for 101st in what he described as a “race of incredible high standards this year” with new recruit Iain McLaughlin making up the scoring team in 149th. The men finished 10th overall.
The B team also finished 10th on the day with some close packing from Dom Priest (156th); Dean Mawby (176th); John Knibb (183rd); Charlie Stavely (189th); Jason Hill (195th); Marc Curtis (209th). With the pack of red, white and blue continuing behind Curtis, team members Craig Bower (210th); Craig Biggerstaff (212nd) and new recruit Jeremy Coward (213th) undoubtedly pushed their team-mates up the rankings and secured their 10th place position.
Other runners: Joshua Hough (238); Steve Hundal (239); Brian Miller (247); Nick Tawney (250); Marc Unzueta (281); Paolo Foglino (284); Steve Roberts (288); Alex Montgomery (293); Mark Marsh (294).
The Leamington Ladies were closer to home racing in Coundon, Coventry. Whilst the men had youth on their side, the ladies were blessed with the fact that 3 of their 4 scoring ladies were also over a certain age, shooting their masters team to first place. Kelly Edwards showed her usual fine performance finishing 11th (2nd master) with Jenny Jeeves pushing through the field to finish 37th (6th master) Laura Fuller, turning up with minutes to spare, ran a solid race to finish 41st with Saffia Del Torre coming in 50th (10th master) to put the ladies in 6th position overall.
Other runners: Zara Blower (54); Aneta Radaczewska (83); Shamira Naidu-Young (84); Charlie Mitchell (95); Caroline Coward (100); Eve Walpole (127); Malgorzata Chowaniec (156); Laura Gould (157); Louise Marsh (178), Mary Donaldson (182)

Schools Cross Country

The third race of the Mid-Warwickshire Primary School Cross Country took place on Saturday. Hosted by Priorsfield School, Kenilworth, the challenging course sees children face two hill climbs before a decent into what has become, to the children at least, an exciting stream crossing. With teaching staff standing in the stream to assist the children, the children show great delight in hitting the water, whilst the staff try in vain to remain dry. James Gould of Leamington C&AC, somewhat used to the terrain on offer despite being only 11, took the lead over the fields and hills but was unable to maintain it in the flat sprint finish where he was overtaken in the last few seconds of the race. He was accompanied in the top 20 by club mate Finn Williams-Stein who finished 17th overall. Ila Lane, who has finished first in the two previous races, had to work hard over the course with challenges from two other girls. Despite her best efforts Lane finished third on the day with Leamington team mate Esme Du Bois just behind in fourth place. Chloe Lovett, also from LCAC, finished 29th.

Saturday afternoon saw the regional round of the schools cup which, despite 4 LCAC having qualified via their school teams, saw only two of them run due to a lack of school mates to join them. Emily and Ana Lovett represented Southam College in the race in Newport, Shropshire and finished 15th and 20th respectively.